We’ve always talked of having a beach place to call our own.   After many years of family vacations all over the world, we kept thinking back to the Jersey Shore of our younger days.  Nothing beats the accessibility to great beaches, the friendliness of the people, and the allure of the Boardwalk. Once we made the decision to get serious about buying something, we knew right away that we wanted to be in North Wildwood, but where?  Our list of "wants" included easy access to the beach, great views, something close to (but not on) the Boardwalk, a pool, a secure building and private parking, basically, everything we’ve always looked for when renting.  We searched high and low for a condo that would satisfy our wants and be desirable for guests as well.  This unit in Regency Towers checked off every "want" and we hope our guests will enjoy it as much as our family will.


-Amy, Greg, Spencer and Liam